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Let me show you what you can do with our books.

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Super Scene

“We made it possible”
Until now young learners have not been expected to be able to
communicate naturally in English…until now. 

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A Super Scene is the most effective way to encourage young children to use the language they have learned in a fun way.

Magic House TPR

“Kids telling stories!? Possible!”

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Magic House TPR follows the story lines.So it’s easy to remember and emotionally engaging.


“Addictive and unforgetable for your kids”

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The most frequently used letters taught first using rythems and gestures so kids can’t help but remember.


“Your kids can’t stop playing… and speaking!”

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All the games are connected to the story line, so your children are having a lots of fun, but still using English in a natural way.


“Can’t get the songs out of their heads…or the target language”

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The target language is built into catchy songs that stimulate long term memory of the target language.
(We are sorry if even you can’t get the songs out of your head)


“The excitement of a good story is now in your classroom”

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All the elements of the lesson are connected to the storyline so your children forget they are learning
to speak English faster than has been possible before Magic House Books.  


“Do crafts in class, kids speak at home”

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Kids love to show their crafts to their parents.
We built the target language into our crafts so that your kids use English when showing the crafts to their parents.
Easy, fun and fast craft materials for each unit all prepared and downloadable.